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[Drumroll please]… So I’m finally taking the advice I give to clients, and starting my own blog. Who knows if anyone will actually read it, but if it proves even remotely useful or entertaining to a single person on the planet, then I guess it’ll be worthwhile. Until then, I’ll treat it like my own form of creative therapy.

In rare moments of quiet reflection (i.e. when driving in my car – without the kids) I ponder many things. What should I cook for dinner? Did I remember to lock the front door? Have I forgotten anyone’s birthday? And when I allow my thoughts to go deeper, I tackle what it is that we as communicators do – and how we can do it really well. Through this blog I will share some of these thoughts, ideas and reflections.

In a reflective moment recently, I realised just how varied my time in the industry has been. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no dinosaur. But I’ve seen and done my fair share of things. I’ve served my time. I’ve worked in different roles, for start-ups through to established global brands. I’ve dipped my toe into different industries, in different states, countries and continents. But despite all this diversity, some things just seem to stay constant.

The ‘constants’ of communication
  • I’ve found that there will always be a desire by business to improve their culture and grow their brand, their influence, sales, profit and share price. But there won’t always be big budgets to do these fundamental things. Therefore we need to be savvy, and think creatively about what we need to do.

  • Clients and collaborators will often be well qualified and highly specialist in what they do (engineers, designers, dentists, to name a few). Some will also believe they are specialist communicators – and granted some of them may well be. The really clever ones, however, will know when to hand over the reigns.

  • There will always be marketers who feel the need to make the discipline appear overly technical and specialist. When I believe what we do is based largely on common sense and an inherent ability to communicate – with and on behalf of our clients and colleagues. For me, there’s nothing complicated about that.

  • And when people genuinely, thoroughly enjoy what they do it shines through – and it’s infectious. That goes for us too, so shine away!

Now my aim isn’t to be the go-to for all marketing and communications blogs. For businesses, I hope to share ideas and (hopefully useful) nuggets of wisdom to help you make sense of the marketing maze. For fellow communicators, I hope to stimulate your thinking and draw on your expertise. And for me personally, I hope to step back from the daily grind to appreciate what it is that we do, how we can do it well – and why we love it so.

Welcome to The Ramblings of a Creative Communicator.

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